What is the brand?

The Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand is a mark of sustainability that shines a spotlight on all the businesses based on the island that adhere to a series of criteria aimed at ensuring the protection of Menorca’s environment, identity and culture.

The certified products, services and businesses can be identified by the following logo:

What does the brand logo mean?

If a product or service carries the Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand logo, this means that it adheres to specific environmental, social and cultural sustainability criteria. These criteria are set out in the regulations published by the Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency, which have been verified through bespoke assessments.
The brand logo is a guarantee to visitors and local people that by opting for the products and services that carry it, they are having a positive environmental, cultural, social and economic impact.

Why join the Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand?

There are a wide range seals of quality, denominations of origin, protected geographical indications and ecolabels in circulation today, each of which acts as a guarantee that products and services conform to specific criteria. What is it, then, that marks out the Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand?

Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand – global recognition
Carrying the Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand logo means that your products and services are produced or provided in a protected territory, internationally recognised as a World Biosphere Reserve. It is a guarantee that these products and services entail a commitment to the policies and values of the Biosphere Reserve, with the aim of preserving and positively impacting Menorca’s environment.

Synonymous with Menorca
The Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand logo is synonymous with Menorca itself, foregrounding our ancestral values based on protecting our culture, our landscape and, ultimately, our identity.
Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand is a source of pride, promoting our island on the world stage and putting our natural and cultural wealth front and centre.

Quality, origin and responsibility under one umbrella
The Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand is more than just a seal of quality, a denomination of origin or an ecolabel. It combines aspects of all of these under the framework of local sustainability.

What advantages does it bring?

In deciding to join the Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand, your business is committing to a more sustainable and efficient way of working. When joining the brand, you will be offered advice on how to reduce your environmental impact and adopt a sustainable approach. It offers both businesses and customers an opportunity to act more sustainably and contribute to the preservation of Menorca’s identity and natural and cultural heritage.

Nowadays, more and more consumers expect their products and services to be environmentally and socially sustainable. The Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand logo acts as a guarantee, to both the island’s residents and its visitors, that your products and services meet these expectations.

The Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand increases the visibility of the products and services that carry its logo. Once they have joined the brand, they will appear on our website, social media, newsletters, etc. They will also be included in promotional campaigns and communication, training and awareness-raising activities carried out by the Biosphere Reserve (o Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency).

The Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand logo situates your products or services firmly in the context of an internationally recognised World Biosphere Reserve and is a clear demonstration of your business’ engagement with the local environment.

Who is the brand aimed at?

The Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand is aimed at any businesses or entrepreneur based in Menorca whose work helps to make the Biosphere Reserve a reality, through conservation and sustainable development.
It is also aimed at anyone who wants to promote and support these values by improving or transforming their business practices, or by learning and innovating around sustainable development.
The Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand brings together and promotes the products, goods and services that define Menorca: the agri-food sector, artisanal products, the tourism and restaurant sectors, traditional economic activities and the farming community, while ensuring that local government, society and businesses all work together, presenting a unified front.
Access to the Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand is granted upon compliance with a specific set of guidelines and requirements, which are set out in its regulations.
These regulations establish 19 categories according to the particular type of product or service applying to use the brand, each of which comes with its own specific conditions and requirements. The categories can be divided into two large groups:
•    Products: artisanal foods, non-food artisanal products, meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables, honey, oil, milk and derivatives, wheat and derivatives, sausages, eggs and wines.

•    Tourism services: tourist accommodation, restaurants, tourist activities, specialist shops, visits to agri-food sites and cultural spaces.

Who owns the brand?

The Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand and logo are owned by the Menorca Island Council, which is responsible, through the Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency, for managing the granting, oversight and withdrawal of the brand use licence.

Our values

The Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand brand is the product of our unique values, based on:
A commitment to our way of life.
Having the initiative to take decisions and act in the interests of the island, its environment and its people.
Being authentic and consistent in everything we do.
Working as a team, because by combining our efforts we can achieve more.
The inclusion of everyone on our island. We don’t want to work alone, we believe in uniting our efforts, to protect what we have and to inspire ourselves to keep doing better.

Our commitment

While each product and experience may be unique, they all share a set of characteristics that make then worthy of our brand. Everywhere you see the Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand logo, we guarantee that behind it you will find:
A clear commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption, because we believe that economic development and wellbeing should go hand-in-hand with respect for our environment. Minimising our environmental impact and managing our resources efficiency is the only way to guarantee a bright future.
People: they are at the heart of what we do. They are the key to our success and the motivation that keeps us moving forward.
A multi-dimensional view of the impact we have on our surroundings. Doing things the way we have always done them: simply and naturally.
A quest for harmony between people and nature, between culture and economics, between locals and tourists, between future and tradition.
Proximity to our island and its land, which gives our products their value, and gives us the understanding that it is our island that shapes our experiences and who we are.
The rigour and transparency that come from the thorough inspection of each product and service.

Protecting who we are

Menorca is the people that live on this island and the people that come here to visit, be it once or a hundred times. We are the landscapes that take your breath away and the sun setting over a tranquil bay. We are Menorca’s natural environment and its wealth of endemic flora and fauna. We are our culture, our traditions and our food. All of this makes us who we are. So, as we move forward, we must be clear about what we want to protect – everything that makes us unique.

Menorca Biosphere Reserve

Protecting Who We Are