Through its brand, the Menorca Biosphere Reserve aims to enhance the value and visibility of local products and services among consumers at the local, national and global level. It offers a series of advantages to businesses who decide to join, which will make their product stand out from the crowd:

Sustainability guarantee

Supported by bespoke assessment and based on the specific requirements guaranteeing that products and businesses operate according to policies designed to protect the environment and foster sustainable development within Menorcan society.

Enhanced commercial appeal

As a product produced in an internationally recognised World Biosphere Reserve.

Meeting a growing demand

In response to a public with a growing awareness of issues around sustainability and looking for guarantees that products and services respect the environment, as well as local society and culture.


Promotion of products and services in the Biosphere Reserve website, newsletter, social media, markets, fairs and promotional events and communications aimed at our target audience.

Innovation and development

Building sustainability into your company is essential if you are to survive into the future. The brand offers advice and training for companies ready to take on this challenge.

Joining the Ecotourism Club

ClubTourist services certified by the brand may be joined the Ecotourism Club that form part of the Spanish Ecotourism Association of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Government of Spain.

Local, national and international prestige

Being a commitment with the island of Menorca, its surroundings, culture and people.


The Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand is much more than just a brand, it is:

A commitment to sustainable development on the island

It guarantees a balance between economic growth, protecting the environment and fostering social wellbeing. This applies to both Menorca’s natural environment and its culture.

An inspiration for consumers and visitors

inviting them to choose responsibly-produced products and to enjoy unique experiences that respect our island.


The brand encompasses everything that makes Menorca what it is: from the island’s residents and tourists to its flora and fauna, its landscapes to its entire natural environment.

An identification of sustainability

That guides all those who opt for sustainability, guaranteeing that all its products and services are committed with the cultural, natural and social environments of Menorca.

A source of pride

It promotes our island on the world stage and puts our natural and cultural wealth front and centre.

A commitment to a bright future

based on protecting our culture, our landscape and, ultimately, our identity.