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Morvedra Nou is a rural hotel located on the municipality of Ciutadella that stands out for its traditional Menorcan house, a recovered building from the 16th century. A family estate with a 5-generation history, and lands that maintain to this day its agricultural and livestock use.


Victoria Bendito


When we inherited the estate from my grandparents, Sara, Juan Enrique and I decided, 22 years ago, to recover this 16th century building and turn it into a rural hotel, maintaining its essence as a Menorcan estate. The house and its land have belonged to the family for 5 generations, and its farming and livestock use survive to this day.

We want the people that visit us to know the Menorcan culture, hence we try to bring them closer to our local produce, our crafts and customs. For all of this to remain possible, we want to bet on sustainability.

To us, this means combining our traditional practices with the technology that allows for a responsible consumption. Our biggest bet is on local produce, so we work with farms close to the hotel to offer breakfasts and lunches with local products, thus promoting circular economy. Moreover, we have implemented plastic reduction policies and a more efficient energy and water consumption.

“We firmly believe that the values that govern a company must take into account the people, the natural environment and the sustainability.”



This company carries out its business activities in accordance with numerous criteria for the protection of Menorca’s environment, identity and culture, and is exemplary in the following:

Waste reduction

Involves planning procedures to reduce resource consumption and waste generation, with special consideration for the reduction of plastic waste, promoting reuse and the use of non-pollutant alternatives, composting and the reduction of food waste.

Efficient energy consumption

Prioritises an energy model based on the reduction of pollutant emissions via the reduction of energy consumption, the procurement of energy through renewable sources and its use in an efficient fashion.

Protection of the nighttime environment

Implements practices and technologies that minimise light pollution and contributes to the awareness, enjoyment and quality of the island’s night sky, which is recognised with Starlight certification.


In addition to the Menorca Biosphere Reserve Brand, this company also holds the following guarantees:

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Camí de Macarella, km 7 – 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca

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