Menorca Walking Birds

"My work offers me the possibility of showing the place where we live. Only this can make us love and respect our land" - Javier Méndez

I have always been a great lover of nature, and I have dedicated my life to get to know the island deeply, and the species that inhabit it, first as a hobby, then when studying and researching birds and other vertebrates of Menorca. What began as a hobby has transformed gradually in my way of life. Now, all my acquired experience is used to show visitants the island’s fauna and flora, its most remote places, its history and peculiarities, and the quality of life that it all bring us. 

The natural richness of Menorca is extraordinary, and the peculiarities of its state of conservation and location make the island an ideal place for the observation of species. With Menorca Walking Birds I want to show all there is in the island besides humans, and that this knowledge brings people to act in an informed way.




  • Bird watching
  • Day, noon and night outings
  • Full day excursions
  • Multi-day excursions
  • Nature interpretation outings
  • Fauna
  • Flora
  • Ecosystems
  • Hiking
  • Self-guided hiking and cycling tours
  • Environmental activities for schools

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Javier Méndez Chavero