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Menorca Biosphere Reserve
Nurturing who we are


The Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand is an emblem of sustainability that prioritises those local products and services that are based on criteria that favour the Menorcan environment, identity and culture.


Guarantee of sustainability

Products, services and businesses with the brand can be identified by the Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand trademark.

This trademark guarantees that when you choose any brand-certified product or service, you are fostering positive impact on an environmental, cultural, social and economic level on the island of Menorca.


The island as we know it today has been made possible possible thanks to the efforts of producers, business owners and artisans whose everyday work shows commitment to the island’s present and future, inspired by a kind of generational inheritance that is based on respect, passion and perseverance.

Our commitment

There are a plethora of existing quality trademarks, denominations of origin, protected geographical indications or ecolabels, each based on certain criteria. The Menorca Biosphere Reserve trademark is distinguishing in several ways:

Global recognition

The products and services with the trademark are made or carried out in an internationally protected and recognised territory that is the Biosphere Reserve.

Synonymous with Menorca

The Menorca Biosphere Reserve trademark is synonymous with Menorca, as it highlights the importance of an ancient way of doing things that prioritises the protection of our culture, landscape, and ultimately, our identity.

Sustainability, quality and origin

The Menorca Biosphere Reserve trademark is more than just a quality label, a denomination of origin or an ecological certificate. It places all this within a framework of territorial sustainability.


Menorca is the people that live on the island, and also those who come as visitors, whether once or a thousand times. We are landscapes that take your breath away, and sunsets in a secluded cove. We are the natural environment and diversity of our endemic flora and fauna. We are our culture, our traditions and our gastronomy. We are all of this, and this is what we hope to continue to be. To move forward, therefore, we are sure of what must be protected: all that which makes us unique.

Menorca Biosphere Reserve Brand:

Nurturing who we are