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Frequently asked questions

My product or service does not appear among the brand categories

If your product or service is not included in the categories of the brand and you think that you could qualify sufficient sustainability requirements to obtain a certification, you can request the inclusion of your product or the creation of a new category by sending an email to

I want to apply for the trademark, but I do not meet any of the requirements

The essential thing is to obey with the mandatory requirements established by the brand regulations for each category. If necessary, the Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency may offer legal advice to applicants to acquire the use of the brand by applying the necessary improvements in terms of sustainability. On the suggested demands you can work once you acquire the certification.

How long does it take to get the brand certification?

Once the application form has been submitted, the trademark regulations establish a maximum of 6 months period to resolve and notify the results. The expected time to obtain the trademark goes from 3 to 6 months.

How much does it cost to obtain brand certification?

To make use of the brand, a fee must be paid in favor of the Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency for the current public price approved by the corresponding entity. This public price is intended to cover maintenance, defense and publicity of the brand, among others. This fee has bonuses and exemptions depending on the number of certifications or the type of company or entity applying for the brand. Public price amounts can be found here.

How is brand pricing calculated?

The brand user fee is calculated taking into account the applicant’s type of entity or company, and is based on a scale that considers business size or profit motive for public entities or organisations. User fee prices can be consulted here.

Do discounts apply for payment of certification?

Yes. A 50% discount off the brand user fee will be applied from the second category of certified products by a single company in the primary sector. There will similarly be a 50% reduction in the brand fee for sole proprietorships or natural persons that cannot be classified as micro-enterprises due to their economic capacity.

In each of these cases, the applicability of this discount shall remain conditional to approval by the Governing Council of the Menorcan Biosphere Reserve Agency.

When do I have to pay the fee for the use of the Menorca Biosphere Reserve trademark?

The payment of the public price, if applicable, will be done only after the favorable resolution of the application form for the grant of use, and must be done within the following 15 days after resolution.

How is the trademark use permit renewed?

Before the end of the 3-year period of right to use the trademark, the renewal process may begin for another 3 years. To renew the license, a statement of purpose must be submitted stating not having made any changes to the authorized products or services. The fee payment shall be made. Check all the information about the renewal process here.

Can the Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand be applied to an entire company or establishment?

The brand does not apply to companies, certifies local resources, specific products, goods or services that meet the standard requirements from the product datasheets according to each category. Therefore, it may be the case that a producer only has one certification seal of all the products that it produces, for instance, a hotel company can only certify one type of its tourist accommodations and the rest does not adjust with the established requirements.

How is control over fulfillment of the necessary requirements for the use of the brand?

In the first instance, compliance with the necessary requirements will be justified by presenting the relevant documentation in the trademark application procedure. Later, and in order to ensure compliance with these requirements and the prestige of the brand, a technical staff will carry out random inspections of already certified applicants.

How do I incorporate the Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand label into my product or service?

The Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency will send to each certified applicant the logo in digital form, the instruction manual and a physical medium of the logo according to each category whether is a product or service. During the first implementation we will provide with logos such as stickers or others, so the product can be identified since the first day you are certified. Each applicant must incorporate the brand seal in the design and support of their products or services, from then on.

Who assumes the costs for the application of the Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand logo?

At first, it will be the Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency who, if necessary, assumes the cost of providing the brand seal for its corresponding support in order to differentiate the certified product or service. After this first delivery of merchandising, the applicant will be entrusted to assume the cost of integrating the logo in the product design, or continuing to acquire the corresponding material to distinguish the certified product or service.

The means offered to apply the brand logo do not help me

If an applicant wishes to apply the logo to their product or establishment with a different format or support, they must contact the brand management team to expose their proposal. The management team will inform you about the different options to apply the logo and the rules of applicationfor your product or establishment.


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