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Apply for the brand name

Here we explain in a simple way the procedure to request the use of the Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand and logo.
The procedure must be done online through the Citizen Folder of the Consell Insular de Menorca, here we explain all the steps to follow with the documentation to provide so that you have it ready before starting the process.
Individuals have the option of doing the procedure in person by presenting all the completed documentation at the CIM SAC in Maó and Ciutadella.


Commitment to comply with the Regulations for the use of the “Menorca Reserva de Biosfera” Brand and Logo

All those interested in the use of the “Menorca Biosphere Reserve” brand and logo must commit to comply with everything specified in the following regulations:

Regulations for use of the Brand and Logo

Recommendation: Read the regulation carefully to make sure that you agree with what is specified in it before proceeding with the request.

It must be indicated in the procedure that the regulation has been read, understood and accepted.


Prepare the Justification Report to present

The use of the brand and logo “Menorca Reserva de Biosfera” may be requested, at the moment, for a total of 15 different categories of tourism products and services.

In each category we can find two types of requirements: Mandatory and Recommended.

To request the use of the brand and logo, the interested parties must comply with and justify:

∞ All mandatory requirements
∞ 20% of the recommended requirements

Likewise, it is necessary to indicate the recommended requirements that they undertake to comply with in the next 3 years until reaching a total of 50% of said recommended requirements. In each category, the exact number of mandatory and recommended requirements that must be met, as well as the requirements that must be committed to meeting in the next 3 years are indicated.

We have prepared a standard report for each category that will help you collect all the information and documents necessary to submit the application. In each requirement the necessary documentation is indicated to justify it. This justification must be attached to the report as an annex.

The reports are in different formats (PDF or DOC) so that you can use the format that best suits your needs.

Download standard reports to request the use of the “Menorca Biosphere Reserve” brand and logo:


Additional documentation to the memory

When requesting the use of the trademark, the following documents must also be attached:

  • Specific request
  • Annex II: Declaration responsible for the estimated annual production of the activity
  • Annex III: Declaration responsible for complying with all the requirements established in the sectorial regulations to carry out the activity

As well as attach the following documentation:

  • In the case of local resources, products, goods or services that have the qualification of appellation of origin, protected geographical indication, guaranteed traditional specialty, ecological product or certification of the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism, they must adequately accredit it
  • Deed of incorporation or document that proves your personality
  • NIF or CIF
  • Certificate of being up to date with tax and Social Security obligations
  • Where appropriate, proof of having registered or protected the brand of the local resource, product, good or service for which authorization to use the Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand is requested.


Concession Process

  1. The interested party sends all the documentation through the “Folder Ciutadana” of the CIME.
  2. Once the request has been sent, the technicians appointed by the Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency will check the documentation and if any anomaly is detected, they will notify the interested party so that it can be corrected.
  3. If necessary, the technicians appointed by the Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency will carry out a personalized audit with the interested party.
  4. The Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency will have a maximum of 6 months to inform the interested party whether or not the use of the “Menorca Biosphere Reserve” brand and logo is granted.
  5. Once the trademark is granted, the interested party will have 15 calendar days from the granting of the use of the trademark to pay the corresponding fee according to their category.
  6. Once the fee has been paid, a folder will be sent with different electronic formats of the “Menorca Biosphere Reserve” logo, the image usage guide and a brand sticker. If the interested party needs another type of logo format, additional supports may be requested (with extra charge).
  7. The permission to use the brand and logo “Menorca Reserva de Biosfera” is valid for 3 years. After this period, the renewal of the same must be requested by submitting a declaration responsible for not having made changes to the previously authorized products or services.


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