The Menorca Biosphere Reserve Welcome to the brand Menorca Biosphere Reserve, a brand that belongs to all of us.

The Brand

The Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand is a mark of sustainability that shines a spotlight on all the businesses engaged in protecting the island’s environment, culture and society. It represents a commitment by producers, artisans and tourism businesses to adhere to a series of criteria established in accordance with the values of the Menorca Biosphere Reserve.

The Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand guarantees to visitors and local residents that, by opting for its products and services, they are contributing to sustainable development on the island and having a positive environmental, cultural, social and economic impact.

What is the brand for?


Through its brand, the Menorca Biosphere Reserve aims to enhance the value and visibility of local products and services among consumers at the local, national and global level. In addition, it represents a serious commitment to a sustainable future on the island. This is a goal that local government, businesses and Menorcan society as a whole must work towards together.

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Who is it for?

Who is the brand aimed at?

This brand is aimed at any business or entrepreneur based in Menorca whose work helps make the Biosphere Reserve a reality, through supporting sustainable development and the conservation of the island’s heritage.

The regulations setting out the conditions and requirements currently include two business types: artisanal and agri-food businesses (products) and tourism businesses (services).

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How will I benefit?


Carrying the Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand logo will give you greater commercial appeal, as it represents a guarantee that your products and/or services are provided from an internationally recognised Biosphere Reserve and in accordance with its sustainability policies. It will enhance the visibility of the island’s products and services at the local, national and global level.

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I want to join

Apply to join the brand

The application process for the Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand has four stages:

  1. Read the regulations on use of the ‘Menorca Biosphere Reserve’ brand and logo.
  2. Provide evidence of compliance with the requirements and commitments for each category (prepare a report demonstrating compliance).
  3. Prepare additional supporting documentation.
  4. Submit documentation through the Menorca Island Council’s ‘Carpeta Ciutadana’ portal.

This request may be processed through this website only in Catalan or Spanish.

Menorca Biosphere Reserve

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