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Fresh fish, sea food and seasonal organic vegetables are the essence of the gastronomic proposal of El Romero, which unites Menorcan tradition and avant-garde in a menu paired with local and international wines, organic or biodynamic.


Fabio i Francesca


From the beginning, Fabio and Francesca had a clear idea: to create a gastronomic project connected to the land. They contacted the agronatural farm network of Custòdia Agrària and started visiting farmers and agricultural and wine producers. The island’s fish and organic produce were their initial bet and, with time, their project grew and extended the concept of sustainability to all of its practices.

The El Romero restaurant is the first catering establishment to obtain the brand, but being a pioneer is not new to it: it was the first restaurant in Spain to obtain two stars from the FoodMadeGood certification from the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

El Romero is a sustainable restaurant with Menorca’s sea and land produce. The fresh fish, seafood and organic seasonal vegetables are the essence of its gastronomic proposal, which combines Menorcan and avant-garde tradition in a menu paired with local and international wines, organic and biodynamic. This restaurant does not serve threatened fish species and over 50% of the vegetables are organic or local. It also fights plastic use, in addition to having an efficient management of energy.

“Going to the market every day, taking advice from the producer or fishmonger, visiting the farms that collaborate with us, and the contact with the people that tastes the final product. Everything is a part of this project where we seek synergy with our environment.”



This company carries out its business activities in accordance with numerous criteria for the protection of Menorca’s environment, identity and culture, and is exemplary in the following:

Waste reduction

Involves planning procedures to reduce resource consumption and waste generation, with special consideration for the reduction of plastic waste, promoting reuse and the use of non-pollutant alternatives, composting and the reduction of food waste.

Use of local produce

Makes use of local farm-to-table produce in its supply and production and prioritises produce from farms and fisheries that implement practices that are respectful with the environment.


In addition to the Menorca Biosphere Reserve Brand, this company also holds the following guarantees:

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