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Casa Bonita Menorca is more than a sustainable tourism project in Trebalúger, a rural town in the southeast of the island. It is a hospitality experience in a house where everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail and organized to share the best of Menorcan traditions, culture and identity.


Gloria Vanni


Casa Bonita Menorca is a cosy holiday house located in Trebalúger, a quaint rural village in the island’s southeast. A house with three double bedrooms, garden, salt-water swimming pool and ecological vegetable garden where guests come together to partake in the meals prepared for them by Gloria. This Genoese, passionate about the island that took her in five years ago, combines her work as a journalist with hospitality duties at her Casa Bonita Menorca. She is also a travel enthusiast, which perfectly justifies her motto of “offering that which she would like to find”.

A sustainable tourism project that cares for every last detail to help make you feel at home while protecting the island. Local and seasonal produce are essential in the Mediterranean and slightly Italian gastronomic offer. Solar panels, reverse osmosis, energy efficiency and zero plastic, as well as delightful common areas designed for relaxation. Glòria also donates part of her time and profits to environmental projects on the island.

“Menorca entices us to continuously find new ways to take care of the island. I am committed to protecting a place that from the very beginning has made me feel right at home. Sharing it with friends and guests is an honor”.



This company carries out its business activities in accordance with numerous criteria for the protection of Menorca’s environment, identity and culture, and is exemplary in the following:

Efficient energy consumption

Prioritises an energy model based on the reduction of pollutant emissions via the reduction of energy consumption, the procurement of energy through renewable sources and its use in an efficient fashion.

Waste reduction

Involves planning procedures to reduce resource consumption and waste generation, with special consideration for the reduction of plastic waste, promoting reuse and the use of non-pollutant alternatives, composting and the reduction of food waste.


A més del segell Marca Menorca Reserva de Biosfera, aquesta empresa compta amb les següents garanties:

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Cami des Garrofer 4, Trebaluger – Es Castell

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