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Karetta Expeditions is the sole company on the island employing sea kayaks for their day outings, a choice grounded in their distinct approach to sailing.


Lucas, Isa and Dídac

Project Leaders

Karetta Expeditions is the venture of Isa, Lucas, and Dídac, three nature guides with over 15 years of experience in adventure sports and active tourism in Menorca. Eight years ago, they joined forces in this initiative, bound by their passion for nature and sea kayaking as a means of exploration and discovery.

It’s the only company on the island that uses sea kayaks for day trips, a decision anchored in their unique concept of seafaring. This ancestral vessel of the Inuit culture is capable of covering longer distances with less effort. It is comfortable and lightweight, constructed from only high-quality materials.

With Karetta Expeditions, you can choose between shorter 4-6 hour routes, or multiple day journeys that reveal Menorca’s magnificent natural areas accessible only by sea. All this with a basic essential concept; a philosophy based on respect for the island’s privileged environment, a commitment to its conservation, and a love for expeditionary boating combined with kayaking, as if a shell, just like that of the Caretta caretta loggerhead sea turtle, which gives its name to this wonderful project.

“We highlight a type of boating and island discovery, in small groups and aboard a millennia-old vessel that is an experience in and of itself.”

“We value a way to navigate and get to know the island, in small groups and on board a thousand-year-old boat that is an experience in itself.”



This company carries out its business operations in accordance with numerous criteria for the protection of Menorca’s environment, identity and culture and is exemplary in the following aspects:

Activities in nature that respect the environment

Divulge the natural assets of the Menorca Biosphere Reserve with focus on conservation and promoting activities in natural settings that implement environmentally respectful practices.


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Avinguda Central, 12, 07710, Sant Lluís