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Sa Sucreria is one of the most renowned artisanal bakeries in all of Menorca. With a hundred-year legacy, they still work with traditional recipes and techniques to produce the very best Menorcan pastries.


Joan Gomila


Sa Sucreria is one of the most renowned artisanal bakeries in all of Menorca. Its origins can be found in the family-run pastry shop Cas Sucrer in Es Mercadal, which since 1873 has been making the very best Menorcan pastries. Their hundred-year legacy, their essence and primarily the use of the same traditional recipes used historically were the basis of the opening of the production site, which now distributes sweets across the island and beyond: carquinyols, amargs, pastissets, duquesites, their delicious ensaimades, and much more.

Loyal to their origins, Sa Sucreria strives to recover and preserve historical recipes and techniques; those that over five generations of master artisans have been passed on from parents to their children. These are manual processes, slow and laborious, although also “the only way to ensure top quality and flavour in the results” according to Joan Gomila, who enjoys the fact that his work also involves preserving and conveying this historical and cultural heritage that Menorcan confectionery is in his eyes. Additives are not used, and thus great efforts are made to keep their products as fresh as possible by combining tradition and technology. For sweet tooths, a true window to island tradition.

“Our work also implies a commitment to Menorca’s artisanal legacy.”



This company carries out its business activities in accordance with numerous criteria for the protection of Menorca’s environment, identity and culture, and is exemplary in the following:

Traditional recipes and gastronomy

Makes use of traditional Menorcan recipes and gastronomic knowledge and conserves ancestral flavours, dishes and culinary practices passed down on the island from generation to generation.

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Pol. Ind. Llinaritx, P30 – Es Mercadal

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