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Es Tast de na Sílvia is one of the emblems of the restoration of the town of Ciutadella. Tradition and avant-garde, a cog in the circular economy of the island and the best defense of the product and gastronomy of Menorca.


Sílvia Anglada i Toni Tarragó


The Tast de na Sílvia is one of the emblems of the cuisine of Ciutadella. It can be said that its history dates back to the childhood of its chef, Sílvia Anglada, to the kitchen of her grandmother and her mother, and to their home garden; it goes through the family restaurant, Ca n’Anglada, and through the everyday cuisine, until it became what it is today, the only restaurant in the Balearic Islands certified as Slow Food and Km0, and with a clear philosophy: Menorcan gastronomy with local and seasonal product.

Their menu is prepared daily after visiting the market and see first-hand which products are offered by their trusted suppliers. It is a task for Sílvia and Toni. Together they are the alma mater of this cosy restaurant. She on the stove, he as head of the room and the link between the land and sea of Menorca, the kitchen and the diners. What reaches the plate, in Toni’s words, is a bite of Menorca rescued from the traditional Menorcan recipes and interpreted by Sílvia.

The Tast de na Sílvia is tradition and avant-garde, a gear in the circular economy of the island and the best defence of the island’s product and gastronomy.

“Our cuisine consists on searching every day for the best gastronomic offer that the land and the sea of Menorca can give us.”



This company carries out its business activities in accordance with numerous criteria for the protection of Menorca’s environment, identity and culture, and is exemplary in the following:

Waste reduction

Involves planning procedures to reduce resource consumption and waste generation, with special consideration for the reduction of plastic waste, promoting reuse and the use of non-pollutant alternatives, composting and the reduction of food waste.

Use of local produce

Makes use of local farm-to-table produce in its supply and production and prioritises produce from farms and fisheries that implement practices that are respectful with the environment.

Traditional recipes and gastronomy

Makes use of traditional Menorcan recipes and gastronomic knowledge and conserves ancestral flavours, dishes and culinary practices passed down on the island from generation to generation.

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Carrer Santa Clara, 14 – Ciutadella de Menorca

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