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The Es Pins restaurant, part of the Set Hotels group, serves as proof of excellent beachside cuisine in Menorca, with fresh and local produce. They specialise in fish and rice dishes accompanied by traditional Menorcan recipes.


Manuel Figueroa


The Es Pins restaurant, part of the Set Hotels group, has a beachfront location on the beautiful Sant Tomàs beach in southern Menorca. In the words of Manager Lluís Febrer, it serves as proof that excellent beachside cuisine does exist in Menorca, with fresh and local produce. Looking out over the sea, Es Pins specialises in fish and rice dishes, which are complemented by traditional Menorcan recipes. Naturally, a star option is their off-menu fresh catch of the day.

The history of this restaurant dates back to 1988, during the groups early days, when the doors of Es Pins’ predecessor first opened, still belonging to the Mercadal family. This is noteworthy as the project already then was supported by the family’s utmost involvement and attention.

Over the years, Es Pins has grown while following the Set Hotels trajectory and philosophy: environmental commitment, energy efficiency and waste management, as well as prioritising all that is local. No single-use plastics, use of recycled materials and a thorough training and quality control plan are distinctions that tell us what this restaurant is all about.

“Discovering our local products is far more highly valued by visitors than it once was. This has benefitted both the island and those of us who work with local produce.”



This company carries out its business activities in accordance with numerous criteria for the protection of Menorca’s environment, identity and culture, and is exemplary in the following:

Use of local produce

Makes use of local farm-to-table produce in its supply and production and prioritises produce from farms and fisheries that implement practices that are respectful with the environment.

Efficient energy consumption

Prioritises an energy model based on the reduction of pollutant emissions via the reduction of energy consumption, the procurement of energy through renewable sources and its use in an efficient fashion.


A més del segell Marca Menorca Reserva de Biosfera, aquesta empresa compta amb les següents garanties:

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